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It’s no secret that HAPPY employees perform better. Period! If your employee’s are unhappy your customers and clients will be unhappy as well! Employee engagement is NOT a buzzword; rather it’s one of the major building blocks to any successful company or organization!

As an expert in the area of Attitude & As a member of the 1994 National Championship football team at the University of Nebraska Aaron has “first-hand” experience of what it takes to create a culture of Engagement & more importantly how to “maintain” it!

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attitude of championship teams

Attitude of championship customer service

Customer service is one of the most crucial areas of any enterprise but often the most overlooked. Companies get busy with product development, making more sales, hiring new people etc. But in all of this activity there is another activity going on…I call it the silent business killer…poor customer service. Aaron share’s how customer service isn’t a department in your company; rather it’s the attitude of everyone in the entire organization! An attitude of “sincerely” caring about the very people who keep you in business…the customer!

Presentation Outcome:

  • Individuals will be reminded of how a Caring attitude is the first step to championship customer service.
  • Individuals will learn tips & techniques that can be applied immediately to help reinforce the importance of treating
  • each customer as a guest in their home!
  • Individuals will be reminded to look at their customers as relationships rather than callous transactions

Championship Teams have NO “BENCHWARMERS” (Teamwork)

It’s impossible to obtain any sort of long-lasting success without the help of others. Championship teams don’t just preach teamwork; they cultivate and foster it every day so it permeates their entire organization. Aaron shares the best practices of successful teams and characteristics of being an amazing teammate!

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Individuals will learn the key components of successful teams and obstacles that can destroy them.
  • Individuals will be reminded of the power of encouraging and building up their teammates.
  • Individuals will learn the importance of taking personal responsibility for overall team success.
  • Individuals will learn the importance of listening versus simply hearing.

the attitude of a champion

Perform Like a Champion (Attitude/Achievement/Motivation)

Attitude, mental toughness and the ability to change and adapt quickly are just a few characteristics that all champions possess. As a member of the Nebraska 1994 National Championship football team (considered by some as one of the best teams ever assembled), Aaron has a keen understanding of what it takes to achieve incredible results. Today’s corporate environment is more competitive than ever before and it’s those who are able to focus when others fold, who consistently stay at the top!

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Individuals will learn strategies to remain mentally tough in a competitive environment.
  • Individuals will be reminded of the power of a Championship Attitude!
  • Individuals will be reminded of the importance of impeccable integrity and the power of passion.
  • Individuals will be encouraged to never lose the ability to laugh at themselves and to have fun.
  • Individuals will hear tips on how to adapt to change quickly while still enjoying the ride.

Attitude of a champion sales professional

Today’s sales professional lives in a world of constant change & sometimes chaos! Big wins and sometimes big loses! The key factor that keeps the Champion sales professional at the top of their game is not their database or connections or any other “outside” factor; the key factor is an inside job! It’s their Champion Attitude!

Presentation Outcome:

  • Individuals will learn the type of Attitude that is necessary to be a Champion Sales Professional!
  • Individuals will be reminded of the importance of not “selling” to their prospects but more importantly; give the customer an opportunity to “buy”.
  • Individuals will be reminded of the importance of doing the fundamentals everyday in order to achieve incredible results in the field!
  • Individuals will be reminded that when people buy they aren’t buying the product or service; they are buying the sales professional!

How championship leaders lead with passion, purpose and love for their people.

Leadership is simple, but it’s not easy. Aaron had the opportunity to be coached by one of the greatest college football coaches of all-time. Dr. Tom Osborne was the head football Coach at the University of Nebraska Lincoln for over thirty-years. His winning percentage was over 80% with three National Championships. What was more impressive was the legendary leadership style that he consistently modeled to his assistant coaches, players and administration. Why was his leadership style so successful? It all started with his “Attitude”!

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Individuals will be reminded of the importance of transparency in leadership.
  • Individuals will learn that it’s acceptable to treat people differently as long as you treat them equally & fair.
  • Individuals will learn how the leader sets the tone not by words, but by consistent actions.